Dorset, UK

Along the southern coastline of England lies the beautiful Jurassic Coast of Dorset. Whether you come here for hiking, photography, camping or a few days away by the sea, you will not be disappointed with what Dorset has to offer. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the beauty you have at your own doorstep, and we … More Dorset, UK

Lago Di Sorapis

Somewhere in the Italian Dolomites awaits a beautiful lake like no other. At the end of a two hour hike through the stunning mountainous landscape you will find Lago Di Sorapis; a lake with unbeleivable colour. Yes, the water really is that colour; no Photoshop here. Why is it that colour? A very simple explanation … More Lago Di Sorapis

Brisighella, Italy

 Somewhere in the hills between Bologna and San Marino, sits a vintage little town called Brisighella. This beautiful medieval village is small, but the scenery surrounding it is fantastic. Getting There From Bologna it’s roughly an hours drive along two main roads, the SS 9 (accessible from the E 45 Autostrada) and then the SP 302. … More Brisighella, Italy